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Why Companies Should Digitize Their Workplace Inspections Programs

By February 14, 2018 No Comments

Why Companies Should Digitize Their Workplace Inspections Programs? Workplace safety and compliance is a worldwide issue. When companies conduct unsafe and non-compliant practices, employees are the ones at risk. How can EHS Managers enable compliance and keep workers safe? The answer: an effective internal inspections program.

By having a strategy for workplace inspections, companies can identify hazards, capture safety leading indicators and address them. Conducting workplace inspections is a huge challenge for large, global companies, with diversified locations and staff while trying to manage safety and compliance across hundreds of sites and thousands of employees.

Companies are therefore turning to software companies who specialize in mobile applications to improve and digitize their inspections process to move from paper and excel-based inspections to cloud-based inspections software.

Why should companies digitize their inspections program? According to a 2016 National Safety Council (NSC) report, 78 percent of safety professionals are still using outdated methods for managing safety tasks. Only 19 percent are being notified of safety hazards in real-time. That means that majority of safety professionals are putting their workers at risk. Safety leaders should have access to up-to-date EHS information at any given time—regardless of connectivity. By deploying inspections software, companies have a central system for inspections and eliminate any errors associated with transferring information.

Before choosing a vendor, it is important to identify your program goals and needs.

What should companies consider before choosing a vendor for mobile inspections? Will it need to integrate with any existing systems? How many employees will use the software and how many sites? Is the system intuitive for your employees to use?

Companies require a tool that will:

These objectives cannot be attained without using inspection software unless the company is willing to spend long periods of time consolidating data from paper or excel-based findings. Mobile Inspection software allows users to conduct, assign and track EHS inspections, building their own custom checklists for site assessments, offline capabilities allow user to perform inspections in areas where there is no internet connectivity. Dashboards provide management with reporting on inspection performance, inspections overdue, corrective actions closed and outstanding with monthly trending of these metrics on a site by site basis

Making the switch to a digital inspections program takes time, but it is worth it in the end. When it comes to managing multiple sites across global locations, a digitized inspections program is the only effective solution. It saves your team time and ultimately saves money in the long run. At the end of the day, using a central system for workplace inspections creates a safer environment for your employees.


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