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Manage Asset Compliance – Managers Must Be Proactive

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How To Proactively Manage Asset Compliance  – It is a requirement for companies in all industries to manage their assets to ensure that they are compliant with relevant legislation in order to protect workers and assure workplace safety. Whether that is companies in the construction industry ensuring that the correct safety measures are in place when performing trenching works, manufacturing companies ensuring that they have correct lockout tagout procedures in place or cruise line companies ensuring that they have performed the proper inspections on life saving equipment. Having the ability to be alerted when asset inspections are overdue, fail or being provided with a To Do list on upcoming inspections in an area gives managers the tools to proactively manage asset compliance.

IMEC Technologies’ Safety Inspection Software provides powerful features to manage asset compliance. These include:

  • Automatic generation of Corrective Actions based on an inspection step failure.
  • Safety Observations can generate Corrective Actions.
  • Automatic allocation of Corrective Actions based on the severity, location or asset type.
  • 3 types of Alerts, Overdue Inspections, Upcoming Inspections and Inspection Completion Reports.

Any number of Alerts can be defined. For example:

These alerts are sent as emails to a person or list of people who are responsible for a particular area or activity. The recipients can choose to receive the email in a wide variety of formats, including  a simple PDF report, or the alert could be in the form of a Dashboard. These Dashboards can be personal to a particular manager or the can be available to a general audience.

Alerts can be schedule at various time intervals. The scheduling of alerts can be specific to a user, common alert frequencies include Daily, Weekly or Monthly. The user can also specify which day of the week or first day within the month on which to send the alert, for example Weekly: every Monday, Monthly, the first Monday of the month.

Companies also are looking to have integration between their safety management software which they use to manage asset compliance and their work calendars that are within products such as Microsoft Office 365. When an inspection is due, these inspection events can be added to the responsible persons Office 365 calendar. This gives them a clear view of the tasks that they must complete each month/week and is another very useful tool to manage asset compliance. By integration with Office 365 users can gain all the benefits that are available for their normal work activities, such as reminders, tasks etc for their inspection activities.

Using these powerful alert features gives companies the ability to proactively manage asset compliance, this combined with other benefits of using safety inspection software, such as reducing administration, removal of paperwork, elimination of missed inspections will help manage asset compliance and will improve the overall safety within a workplace.

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