Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software


Never Miss an Inspection With Email Alerts

Never Miss an Inspection Again. Track all your Inspections. Get Email Alerts for All Due and Past Due Inspections. Email Alerts Can be sent by the system each day, week, month or year. Alerts can be by location and type of inspection.

Track Any Type of Inspection

Track Fire Extinguisher Inspections. Track Any Safety Inspection. Perform Any type of Inspection. Track Safety Devices, Vehicles, Equipment. When an Inspection is done the system schedules the next one. Track Items that move from one Place to Another.

Barcodes - Optional or Forced Scan

Use Any Barcode or QR Code. Force the Inspector to Scan the Barcode to Start the Inspection. The system can prove that the Inspection was done at the correct location. Inspectors can use a Route or List to inspect items.

Failed Inspection Tracking

Any Failed Inspections can create Actions. Actions can be given to the proper People, with Due Dates. The Managers Dashboard shows the On Time Close Rate and a List of Past Due Actions.

Dashboards - Internal or Service Company

Completed Inspections By Month For Each Facility, Building or Customer. Missed Inspections Dashboard. Failed Inspections can create Actions with due dates. The system will Track Actions until completed.

Easily Scheduling of Inspections

The System will Manage all Assets or Equipment across all Buildings. Track All Inspections. Schedule the Next Inspection due by Days, Weeks, Months or Years.
Mobile Inspection App
Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software

Fire Extinguisher Barcode System - Some Customers

How Will Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software Help Me?

Force the Inspector to Scan the Barcode

Force the Inspector to Scan the Barcode of the item to be inspected. This gives proof that the Inspector was at the Correct Location. A useful feature in the event of an audit.

Email Alerts Ensure that Inspections are Never Missed

Managers get Email Alerts for up coming or past due inspections. Filter Email Alerts by Building, Site and Device Type.

Scheduling of Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Each time an inspection is done the system will schedule the next one. This means that users never have to remember to schedule an Inspection. An Inspection can be scheduled for any number of days, weeks, months or years.

Inspection Routes

A great feature of the system is the ability to create inspection routes. A route allows you to decide which devices to inspect. Routes can be for any safety device. Users can be forced to scan the Device Barcode to start the inspection. Users can also Skip an Inspection but a reason must be given.

Managing Items That Move

Fire Extinguishers may Fail an Inspection. In these cases, the user can decide to remove the device from service. Simply using the Fire Extinguisher scanner feature in the App. Scan the device barcode and move it to a repair area. The system can also remove a failed unit from Service.

Easily Perform Inspections

IMEC's Fire Extinguisher Barcode Inspection Software performs any type of Inspection. Customers can manage all their Inspections using IMEC's Inspection Software. Inspect Fire Extinguishers, all types of Safety Devices and Assets. Build your Own Inspection Forms for E Lights, Eye Washes and Fork Trucks, etc. Simply Identify each device with a barcode. Scan the barcode using the Mobile Inspection App to start the inspection. Dashboards give managers the information to reduce costs. Access rules control who gets access to the system. You decide what information a user can see and what they can do.

Tracking Failed Inspections

The system can create Actions for Failed Inspections. These Actions are allocated to the proper people based on rules. Actions are sent by Email. Actions can be viewed using the Web App or the Mobile Inspection App. When resolving a Failed Inspection, the user can add proof, such as photos. Dashboards provide managers with the data they need. Dashboards show On Time Close Rates, Overdue Actions etc.

Build Your Own Forms

The Forms Builder allows New Inspection Forms to be created. Inspection Forms can capture any type of data. Capture Readings, Comments, Photos, Dates, Numbers, GPS and many more. Images can be placed into an Inspection Form. Images can be used to guide an inspector during an Inspection. Get rid of Paper Forms. Increase the inspections that can be done. Remove the paperwork headache for an Inspector.

Scanning Barcodes as part of an Inspection

Customers can use any Barcodes. Simply Scan the Barcode with the Mobile Inspection App to start the Inspection. Barcodes give faster and more accurate Inspections. Barcodes cut down on data entry. Be sure the correct Item is inspected. Scan the Barcode to load the correct Inspection Form and start the inspection.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software

IMEC’s Inspection System provides powerful inspection tracking. Completed Inspections are recorded in the Inspection History. The Inspection history provides Inquiries and Reports. This saves time and money when queries arise. The tracking of inspections and results means you are audit ready. The Inspection History provides all completed inspections. Including each answered question. This results in a powerful Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software.

Fire Extinguisher Inventory

Managing the Inventory across a number of buildings is not easy. It can be difficult to know the location and status of each Item. Knowing when the next inspection is due is made easy. All these tasks are managed using IMEC's Fire Extinguisher Barcode System. To Move an Item from one area to another simply scan the barcode. Then choose the new location.

Extinguisher Inspection Software - Other Features

There is no limit to the number of items that can be scanned or tracked. Manage all inspections with IMEC’s Extinguisher Inspection Software.
• Unlimited Inspection Types means you can Inspect any Safety Device. Inspection Types give an easy way of adding New Device Types. Examples are Eye Wash Stations, Emergency Showers, AED’s.
• There is No need for pricey Barcode Scanners. IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode System Mobile App runs on all devices. Customers can use Rugged, Android Devices if they wish. Simply Scan the QR Code and to start the Fire Extinguisher Scanner on the App.
• There is Nothing to Install. All customer data is stored in a Secure Cloud Service (Tier 4). Get the App from the App Stores.
• One Mobile Inspection App that performs any type of inspection. The software can be used as a Extinguisher Inspection Software system. Other Uses are inspecting Equipment, Vehicles and Buildings. A complete Safety Inspection Solution.
• Service Companies, manage your customers with this Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software. Perform Monthly Inspections, Improve Fire Protection.
• Make Sure you are always ready for an audit. Maintain Compliance with NFPA, The Joint Commission and other AHJ’s. History of All Inspections shows closed Corrective Actions. Track failures against Fire Codes.
• Inspecting By Area, allows the user to perform all items in a Building. Inspections are Never Missed. Full Inspection Scheduling for any number of Days, Weeks, Months or Years.
• A Full History of Completed Inspections on the web. The Inspection History is used by Hospitals, Colleges, Industrial, etc. IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software manages all inspections.

Getting Started with IMEC's Fire Extinguisher Barcode System

IMEC can provide everything you need. Get Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tracking Software up and running.

  • There’s nothing to Install. IMEC simply send you a link with your logon details for the system.
  • Download the Mobile App from the Store and Logon. Select the QR Code to start the Fire Extinguisher Scanner on the App
  • Mobile Computers are not needed. IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode System App works on all Devices. If you need Devices IMEC  can supply them.
  • We train your staff. Training covers everything in IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode System. We use the train the trainer approach.
  • We provide you with full support. We make sure that you get the system up and running as fast as possible.
  • IMEC can supply barcode labels to suit both indoor and outdoor use. You can use your own barcode labels. Scan the QR Code on the App to start the Fire Extinguisher Scanner.

What types of Organizations use IMEC's Extinguisher Inspection Software ?

Any organization can use IMEC’s Extinguisher Inspection Software solution. The system will manage all your fire extinguisher inspection programs. Customers use the software in:

What Else Can I Inspect with IMEC's Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software ?

IMEC’s Extinguisher Inspection Software can be used to inspect anything. Uses include Fire and Life Safety, Equipment and Buildings. Examples are:

  • Eye Wash Stations
  • Emergency Lights
  • Exit Signs
  • Emergency Showers
  • Boilers
  • Fire Doors
  • Life Boats
  • Cranes
  • Ladders
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Waste Areas
  • Cleaning

Fire Extinguisher Barcode System - What is the Likely Return on Investment?

Consider the items below when working out the return on investment. Returns you can expect from a fire extinguisher barcode system include:

  • The amount of time employees spend manually doing each inspection.
  • The average hourly wage of employees doing the  inspection.
  • The amount of time performing data entry and filing for each inspection.
  • The average hourly wage of employees that do data entry and filing.
  • The amount of time it takes to answer a query about an inspection.

Use the above information to work out your return on investment. Extinguisher Inspection Software gives a high return. This data is available within IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software. Use this data to prove your return.

Reports and Dashboards within the IMEC Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

There’s a Dashboard Builder as part of the IMEC Fire Extinguisher Barcode System. Customers can build their own Dashboards and Reports. The Dashboards and Reports will manage fire safety within your company. Full training is given on the Dashboard Builder. This allows customers build their own dashboards to meet their needs.

Standard Dashboards in IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Barcode System include:

Inspection Statistics – provides Inspections completed on Time rates. The Inspection Activity Each month for Each Safety Device. Examples are Fire Doors, Fire Extinguishers, E Lights. The Dashboards show Pass / Fail Rates for each Safety Device. Dashboards are Filtered by Date and Facility.

Missed Inspections – provides an up to date list of All missed Inspections. The Dashboard shows Location, Inspection Point and Due Date. Result of the Previous Inspection, Pass or Fail.

Locations Overview – shows the Inspections Completed by Location. This can be for each Inspector in Each Location.

Corrected On Site – how often are issues corrected during an inspection. The Dashboard shows the rate items are corrected. This is shown for each Safety Device or Equipment Type. The Top 10 Questions on Forms that are Corrected On Site. Corrected on site gives managers data on problems to be addressed.

Many Other Reports and Dashboards can be built. Manage all your inspections.  Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Fire Door Inspections, All Safety Inspections.

Report Builder within IMEC's Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software?

IMEC’s Inspection Report Builder meets customers reporting needs. This is part of IMEC’s Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software Solution. The Inspection Report Builder allows customers provide custom reports. Inspection Reports can be summary or detail. Reports can easily emailed to customers or managers.

The detail reports show the completed forms or checklists. This is for each completed Fire Extinguisher Inspection. The report can be for any Safety Device Inspection. These reports help if an auditor needs proof of an inspection.

There are summary Fire Extinguisher Inspection Reports also. Summary Reports can be for any or Safety Device. Reports show all completed inspections within a date range. There are other filter options. Options such as Type of Inspection, Building or Area. The Fire Extinguisher Inspection summary shows unit, result, comment.

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Summary Report is very useful. Fire Safety Service Companies use it with customers. The report lists completed inspections after a site visit. Summary Reports have header sections that are completely customizable. This can be done by the customer. Customers can print their Logo on Inspection Reports. Inspection Reports can be emailed to customers after each inspection.

IMEC provide full Report Builder training to customers. This gives you the ability to build your own reports. Fire Safety Service Companies can improve customer service and grow.