Fire, Life Safety and Equipment Inspections

Never Miss an Inspection with Email Alerts

Never Miss an Inspection Again, Get visibility of Upcoming and Outstanding Inspections Monthly, Annual, 6 Yearly etc. Email Alerts are sent to the responsible persons and can be Daily, Weekly, or Monthly. Dashboards give managers trending and performance information.

Single Tool to Manage All Inspections

Use a Single Tool to Manage and Perform any type of Inspection within your organization. Using Powerful User Roles and Data Access Rules you decide what information a user can access thus allowing the Tool to be used by many Departments independently.

Easy to Use Mobile App

The Mobile Inspection App can run on iOS(Apple), Android and Windows 10 devices, Tablets and Phones and can operate Online and Offline, with or without Internet Connection. When Offline, all data is stored securely on the device and is uploaded to the Cloud once an internet connection becomes available.

Easily Manage Inventory of Safety Devices and View Their Inspection History

Manage your inventory of assets/inspection points across all facilities and buildings. Web App gives a complete inventory of your Inspection Points, their location, status and a full History All Inspections.

Inspection Routes

Use Inspection Routes to ensure that every Inspection Point is Inspected. Onboard New Employees using Routes. Define Routes at any level, for example Building, Floor, Room or Inspection Point. Dashboards show Progress of Completed Inspections on A Route, for example Fire Extinguisher Monthly for Building A.

Dashboards Aid Compliance

Built In Dashboards provide you with metrics such as inspections completed, to verify compliance with regulations, for example NFPA 10, The Joint Commission. The Dashboard Builder allows Administrators to build new Dashboards and issue these to Users / User Groups using Email Alerts. The Inspection History can be Exported from the Web App so that it can used for Audits or can be quickly and easily issued to External Bodies.


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