Hazardous Waste Management Software

Container Tracking

Track hazardous waste containers, track container combinations and container splits. Know the current location all containers, where each container originated and date / time of disposal.

Waste Shipments

Track hazardous waste shipments, track containers within a Shipment. Produce Manifests. Easily report on final disposal of containers from many departments / sites and shipments.

Waste Inventory

Manage Waste Inventory within sites, departments and areas. Tracking hazardous waste containers. Track each container and its contents. Ensures Accurate Waste Inventory.

Waste Area Inspections

Perform RCRA waste area inspections, inspect each container, report and track deficiencies. Get a full history of all inspections completed on the web portal.

Waste Labels

Print Fully Customizable Hazardous Waste Tracking Labels with Barcode, Generator, Waste Description, Hazard Symbols & Class, Compliance Date, Weight etc

Customer Portal

Environmental Service Companies can allow their customers access to view the waste collected and shipped from their site, easily generate Total Waste Management (TWM) customer reports.

Waste Creation

Cradle to grave hazardous waste management, hazardous waste tracking software that will track waste from the point of waste creation through to final disposal. To record waste in a department or location the user can use the HazMat Mobile App or can create waste using the Web Portal. Reporting is streamlined as waste codes that are created in the current zone are prioritized, the user records the waste profile, the storage type is also recorded and the user can specify a waste quantity also if known. A waste tracking label is printed with barcode or QR Code tracking information. The user can also record additional information such as Sample number, Order Number, Batch Number and Project Reference.

Waste Inventory

The HazMat T&T hazardous waste management software can manage waste at multiple sites within an organization. Within each site there can be departments. Within departments there are zones. Zones are a physical place where waste can be located. A waste zone can be a space for a single storage unit, multiple storage units or a large space such as a yard or loading dock. Each Storage unit that holds hazardous waste can contain one or many tracked items. HazMat T&T provides hazardous waste tracking of containers even when more than one item is combined within a single storage unit.

Tracking Items

A Tracked Item of waste is something that is identified to the system as waste and is given a tracking number. Examples of Tracked Items include items such as a bottle containing a waste chemical or mixture, or a bag of contaminated rags from a cleaning operation. A Tracked Item also needs to be recorded as being stored. Tracked items are stored within Storage Units, for example bins, boxes, totes, trucks.

Storage Units

Storage units are stored within Zones. Storage Units can be tracked by placing a barcode on the unit. Storage units can be sent for disposal with the Hazardous Waste but also can be reusable. Reusable hazardous waste storage units should have a permanent number assigned, typically these would be a metal tag / metal label with a QR code or barcode. This hazardous waste tracking system can track items that are placed in a Storage Unit, multiple tracked items can be in the same storage unit and the tracked items can be from many locations.

Waste Movements

Waste picked up from one place and moved to another area can be moved on the Web Portal or using the Mobile App by simply scanning the tracking barcode or QR Code on the Storage Unit (drum) and scanning the Waste Zone that it is being moved to. Multiple Storage Units can be transacted at once, all Storage Units in a batch or all the Storage Units in a Waste Zone can be transacted at once. Each Waste Movement is recorded within IMEC's hazardous waste tracking system and a full audit trail of all waste movements and activity is saved securely in the Cloud.

Weighing Waste

To weigh the waste the user places the waste storage unit on a scales and scans the waste tracking barcode from the container. The Mobile App, which is part of IMEC's hazardous waste tracking system will retrieve the weight from the scales and update the system with the weight for the Storage Unit. Storage unit tare weights are managed to ensure the accuracy of the weights.

Waste Profiles

The Waste Master within the HazMat T&T hazardous waste tracking system holds the definition for each Waste Profile that is to be tracked & managed within the system. Waste Profiles describe the waste and its properties, and this information is used throughout the system when making determinations about compatibility, disposal recovery methods and more. The Waste Profile contains information such as Waste Description, Proper Shipping Name, DOT Transport information, UN Number(s), Hazard Classes, EWC Codes.

Waste Tracking Labels

IMEC's Hazardous Waste Management Software can print labels with barcodes which are applied to waste containers. These labels allow operators to scan the barcode when performing transactions such as Move, Combine, Add to Shipment etc. using the IMEC Waste Management App - which greatly improves speed and accuracy on waste transactions. Hazardous Waste labels can also include information such as Waste Description, Hazard Class, Compliance Date, Weight etc.

Shipping and Disposal

Waste can either be disposed on site, shipped for disposal by a third party, or shipped to another site within your organization. Key information entered when shipping waste includes the type of shipment (Hazardous or Non-Hazardous), the transporter, disposer (if applicable) and manifest number. A manifest return can be entered on the system, and this will update the quantities, handling codes and disposal costs associated with the disposal. As the IMEC hazardous waste management software is tracking each hazardous waste container, including combinations and splits it can provide Environmental Service companies with the disposal information their customers require.

Combining Waste

By default IMEC's hazardous waste management software will not allow hazardous waste streams to be combined, unless the system has been specifically told which hazardous waste streams can be combined with other hazardous waste streams. When hazardous waste containers are combined with other containers the IMEC hazardous waste software solution will track both the original containers and the combined containers. There is no limit to the number of combinations that can be performed and tracked. The low level hazardous waste tracking and management provides Environmental Service Companies and Waste Generators with the container tracking that is required to manage large volumes of hazardous waste.

Splitting Waste

A unique feature within the IMEC hazardous waste management software solution is the ability to split or decant a storage unit and track each split no matter how many times a unit is split. This feature facilitates decanting of waste in transfer stations, disposal sites and within waste generating sites..

Audit Logging

On each transaction or activity there are a number of audits created. For each movement carried out, waste created, bulked up, packed down, waste shipped the user, time and date, and zone are recorded.
A separate audit trail is also created which records the above information together with additional auditing data. The audit log can be queried and reported against using the Reporting features with HazMat T&T.

Hazardous Waste Management Software – Types of Industries

The types of industries that use IMEC’s hazardous waste management and tracking software are diverse, they include companies who are looking to manage hazardous waste as a large quantity hazardous waste generator or Environmental Service companies who wish to use the software to manage the hazardous waste inventory at their transfer and disposal facilities. In summary any organization that are seeking low level hazardous waste container tracking and cradle to grave hazardous waste tracking software or medical waste tracking. These include:

IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Management Software – Key features

  • Manage Waste Shipments and Manifests
  • Manage Waste Compliance, Waste Areas, 90 Day Storage Areas. The IMEC hazardous waste management software solution has features that allow the customer to define how long waste should be stored in certain locations. Once waste is moved into one of these locations the system tracks the time and matches this against the compliance days for this waste area. Then when the waste is nearing its compliance days the system alerts the appropriate users using Waste Age Email Alerts.
  • Work With Waste – Manage Waste Inventory and Movements using Powerful Web Portal. This feature allows users to manage their waste inventory from a single web page. Users can move waste, ship waste and perform waste transactions to manage their waste inventory.
  • Integration with Other Systems using Open API
  • A powerful hazardous waste tracking system that aids compliance, manages inventory and streamlines operations.
  • Dashboards and Reports with a Dashboard Builder for Customers to Build Their Own Dashboards
  • RCRA Waste Area Inspections to Inspect Waste Areas and Waste Containers
  • A powerful Mobile App allows users in the field to manage the inventory of waste. The Mobile App is completely customizable for each user or groups of users. Users see only the options they need on their device. Typical activities performed using the Mobile App are, Create Waste and Move Waste. Also, Bulk Up or Combine Waste, Decant or Split Waste.  The Weigh Waste option retrieves the weight of the waste from a Bluetooth scales. Identify Waste, is an option that allows the user to scan a waste container and view its contents. Identify Waste also gives the history of the waste since the waste was created. The Mobile App can be use to add items to a shipment or move waste from one zone to another or stage waste for shipment and many more.

What are the key features of IMEC’s Hazardous Waste Tracking System?

IMEC’s hazardous waste tracking system can be implemented as a waste tracking system within a hazardous waste generator, typically the generator is a large quantity generator. The solution can also be used as a hazardous waste tracking system within  Environmental Service Companies and within Healthcare Facilities, to track medical waste. The system can provide full cradle to grave waste tracking. When implemented in a hospital each medical waste container delivered and collected from a hospital can be tracked with proof of delivery and collection. Dashboards and reports provide information on the medical waste containers at each hospital, length of time at the facility and usage.

  • Track Containers Delivered/Collected to and from medical facilities / hospitals.
  • Medical Waste can be tracked from the point of pickup or can be extended so that the medical waste is tracked from wards, operating rooms etc. within the hospitals.
  • The system provides Proof of Collection / Delivery of medical waste as each waste container is tracked.
  • The Driver can use a Mobile App to record the movement of medical waste by scanning the container barcode – the Mobile App is available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • The container weights can be entered at the medical facility, or when the containers are returned to the disposal facility.
  • The IMEC Medical Waste Management Software solution system can also keep track of when medical waste containers are washed, and number of times each container is washed
  • Dashboards provide summary reports of the number medical waste containers at medical facilities / hospitals, including the number of days since the containers were delivered