Inspections, Incidents, Hazards, Near-Misses, CAPA, Analytics and Mobile Apps

Health and Safety Compliance Management Software

IMEC's Health and Safety Compliance Management Software provides organizations with the ability to manage Inspections, Audits, Incidents, Hazards, and Near Misses. Mobile Apps can be used to perform inspections, report incidents, hazards and near-misses. The CAPA Management module manages and tracks CAPA's generated as a result of inspection failures or generated as a part of Incident investigation with email notifications and escalation. All information collected and generated is stored securely in the cloud and reported on using the power dashboard module, which includes the ability for users to build their own dashboards and share these dashboards with other users if they wish.

Inspections and Audits

Store and manage all of your health and safety, environmental or any other type of inspection data in a single, secure and centralized system. Generate audits checklists, create real-time reports summarizing detailed audit information and quickly identify trends on your audit performance dashboard.

Automated Email Alerts

Automatically trigger escalating email notifications to employees for upcoming and overdue inspections to ensure inspections are completed on time and aid compliance.

Report and Track CAPAs

Create CAPA’s as a result of inspection failures, automatically allocated to the appropriate person based on rules. Easily track and report on status of corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs) using the CAPA Management module. Drive CAPA completion tasks. Assign follow-up corrective and preventive action (CAPA) tasks to employees from reported nonconformances. Automated, escalating email notifications and reminders drive accountability and task completion.

Inspections Mobile App

Use the Inspections Mobile App to perform Inspections, gathering data, barcode scanning, GPS Locations, Text, Readings, Photographs with Annotation. Record Safety Observations, Safe and Unsafe, optionally create CAPA’s allocating to the appropriate person.

Incident Management

Manage the entire safety hazard life cycle: Hazard Reporting, Response, Investigation, CAPA, Tracking, Summary Reporting, Trend Analysis. Use the Incident Reporting Mobile App to record Incidents, Hazards and Near-Misses, gather evidence, photographs with annotation. Perform Safety Walk-Arounds recording hazards and dangerous conditions. Safety Observations, Safe and Unsafe, optionally create CAPA’s allocating to the appropriate person.

Report Safety Hazards and Dangerous Conditions

Input and track all safety hazards throughout your organization using one centralized online portal accessible to all employees across all locations.

Create Custom Reporting Forms

Easily create Incident, Hazard and Near-Miss Reporting forms and configure the information to be collected so as to fit your organization’s safety management process and make reporting fast and easy for your employees. The intuitive Mobile App can be used by any employee or contractor with optional anonymous submission of Hazards and Near Misses.

Dashboards and Analytics

Real-time performance dashboards and analytics give management trend and benchmark safety hazard data and view your hazard performance metrics at a glance. Users can easily build their own dashboards and publish dashboards to share with others using a large variety of available data sets thus eliminating the need to export data to other products to perform management reporting tasks.

Comply with Injury Reporting Regulations

Meet OSHA (USA), RIDDOR (UK) and WCB (Canada) reporting requirements.

Complete Mobile Functionality

Access audit forms and checklists remotely from any location. Perform audits from the floor or the field on your mobile device or tablet and see audit results in real-time. Perform Inspections offline in areas where there is no internet connectivity. The intuitive Incident Reporting Mobile App can be used by any employee or contractor with optional anonymous submission of Hazards and Near Misses.

Mitigate Risk and Improve Health and Safety Performance

Prevent the recurrence or occurrence of discrepancies, failures, and deviations through dashboards that provide a real-time status of nonconformances and follow-up actions.Use dashboards with trending to minimize the number of nonconformances, predict and prevent possible incidents and continuously improve environmental, health and safety performance within your organization.


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