Safety Inspection Software


Never Miss an Inspection

Track all Safety Inspections. Email Alerts: Due, Past Due Inspections.

Failed Inspection Tracking

Corrective Actions given to the proper People, with Due Dates to address safety issues.

Force Scan

Use Any Barcode and Force Scan to Ensure Safety Inspections are done at the correct Location or Item

Inspect Anything

Safety Equipment, Buildings, Locations or Sites. Manage All Safety Inspections and Observations

Easy to Use Mobile App

Powerful Safety Inspection App, Available on iOS, Android and Windows Devices


Monthly Safety Inspection Reports, Summary and Detail. Build Custom Reports for Safety Reviews, Meetings.


Safety Inspections Due each, Week, Month, Year etc. Automatically Scheduling the Next Inspection.

Nothing to Install

Fully Hosted Solution, Top Tier, Secure, Auto Backups, Available Globally. App is available in all Stores.

Safety Inspection Software - Some Customers

Case Study - The Benefits of Implementing Inspection Software

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How Will Safety Inspection Software Help Me?

Save Time Be More Efficient

Complete your audits and inspections in a fraction of the time. Produce Inspection reports with notes, create corrective actions for failed inspections, capture photos, comments with an intuitive Mobile App. Be more efficient. Eliminate Paperwork.

Manage Movable Items

Conduct safety inspections and audits anywhere, anytime on iPhone, iPad, Android Device or Windows 10 Device. The Mobile App works Online and Offline. Capture GPS location, take photos, record numbers, dates, text and can create corrective actions. Link corrective actions to steps on a checklist or regulatory code to resolve deficiencies.

Aid Compliance & Reporting

Ensure your entire organization is compliant. Build and Use powerful checklists for inspections and audits to cover all elements of your compliance needs. Build Custom Reports easily to demonstrate compliance with regulations, NFPA, OSHA.

Inspection Checklist, Forms

IMEC's Inspection Software can perform any type of Inspection. Build your own checklists and forms or select a checklist from a library to Preloaded Forms. Checklists can have mandatory or optional questions. Checklists can gather Text, Numbers, GPS, Signatures. Also simple Pass/Fail or Yes/No questions. The Mobile App is easy to use and operates both online and offline so users can complete checklists in remote areas.

Streamline Inspection Scheduling

IMEC's inspection management software provides features to schedule recurring inspections. When a safety inspection is done the system schedules the next one. Safety Inspections can be set for days, weeks or months in advance.

Track Failed Inspections

Create Corrective Actions for Failed Inspections. Corrective Actions are allocated to the proper people based on rules. Assign Corrective Actions to safety supervisors, safety officers and managers by Email. Manage and track Corrective Actions using dashboards and reports, with escalation based on due dates.

Never Miss an Inspection

Alert managers of safety or workplace inspections due within their area. Use the safety Inspection Mobile App to perform all workplace safety inspections, record corrective actions. Encourage more proactive safety reporting by all stakeholders.

Track Vehicle, Equipment, Asset Inspections

Use IMEC's Dashboards and Reports to ensure that all safety devices, equipment and assets get the scheduled Inspection and maintenance activities they require. Help to identify and track possible recurring problems. Track and Report on inspection failures with greater accuracy. Improve efficiency, eliminate paperwork, make better decisions and aid compliance.

Getting Started with IMEC’s Safety Checklist Software.

IMEC can provide everything you need in order for you to implement the solution.

On boarding

  • There’s nothing to Install. IMEC simply send you a link with your logon details for the system.
  • Download the App from the Store and Logon. Select the QR Code to start App.
  • No need for Mobile Computers. IMEC’s Mobile App works on all Mobile Devices, iOS, Android and Windows 10. Mobile Devices can be supplied if needed.
  • We train your staff. Training covers everything within the IMEC Safety Checklist Software solution. We use the train the trainer approach.


  • We provide you with full support. We make sure that you get the system up and running as fast as possible.
  • IMEC can supply barcode labels to suit both indoor and outdoor use for performing equipment or location inspections.

Safety Checklist Software – Other Features

There is no limit to the number or type of inspections that can be performed. Manage all your EH&S inspections with IMEC’s Inspection Management Software.

Types of Inspections

• There are Unlimited Inspection Types. Perform Safety Audits and Inspections, Workplace Inspections, equipment inspections. Moreover, Inspection Types give an easy way of adding New Inspection Types. Examples are 5S Inspection, get better insights into overall company performance with respect to inspections, audits and corrective action management.

Mobile App

• IMEC’s Mobile App runs on all devices, iOS, Android and Windows 10. The App works both online and offline.
•  One Mobile App that records safety inspections via a simple and easy to use interface. Firstly, the solution can be used as  Extinguisher Inspection Software. Secondly, as a workplace safety inspection software. Thirdly, and most importantly a complete safety inspection software system. In conclusion, a complete Safety Inspection management Solution.

Manage Corrective Actions

• Track corrective actions, make better decisions.
• Be audit ready. Be compliant with regulations. Visualize Inspection data. Manage Corrective Actions. Track failures against codes and regulations.

Inspections and Reporting

• Inspecting By Area, to save time and money. Easily inspect all items in an area or location. Never miss an Inspection. Inspection Scheduling plans the next inspection. For Daily, Weekly, Monthly or annual inspections. .
• A Full History of Completed Inspections. Be compliant with regulatory codes.  IMEC’s Safety Inspection Software will manage your organizations compliance inspections.

What types of Organizations use IMEC’s EH&S Inspection Software ?

Any organization can use IMEC’s EH&S Inspection Software solution. The system will manage all your EH&S inspection programs. Customers use the software in:

What Can I Inspect with IMEC’s Safety Inspection Software Mobile App?

IMEC’s Mobile App can be used to inspect anything. Use cases include Workplace inspections, EH&S Inspections, Fire and Life Safety, Safety Equipment and Workplace Safety Inspections. The Inspection Forms Builder within the application allows user to create custom inspection forms to manage any type of inspection. Examples are:

Safety Device Inspections

Asset or Equipment Inspections

Using A Safety Inspection Software Mobile App to Simplify All Safety Inspections

IMEC’s Mobile App can be used to manage all inspections. Firstly, as an EH&S Inspection Software Solution. Secondly, as a Workplace Safety Inspection Software Solution. Thirdly, a safety checklist software solution to manage safety compliance for any industry. Use cases include:

Use Cases

  • Fire and Life Inspections
  • Equipment Inspections
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Any Checklist based inspections.

Safety Device Inspections

Fire Safety Inspections

Other Inspections

  • Life Boats
  • Cranes
  • Ladders
  • Elevators
  • Boilers
  • Production Equipment
  • Facilities
  • Waste Areas
  • Cleaning
  • Asset Inspections


IMEC’s Safety Checklist Software Solution is a powerful tool for safety managers, safety officers and safety supervisors. The software provides unlimited flexible inspection categories, Corrective Action Management and Data Analysis.

Safety Observations can be recorded on the Mobile App as part of safety reporting within your organization. Create Safety Observations on the Mobile App as part of a safety tour. Create Corrective Actions in real time and send them to the team members.

Reports and Dashboards within IMEC’s Inspection Management Software?

There’s a Dashboard Builder within IMEC’s  Inspection Management Software. Customers can build their own Dashboards and Reports. The Dashboards and Reports will manage all EH&S and Safety Inspections within your company. Full training is given on the Dashboard Builder. This allows customers build their own dashboards to meet their needs.

Standard Dashboards in IMEC’s  Inspection Management Software include:

Standard Inspection Dashboards

Inspection Statistics

  • Provides Inspections completed on Time rates.
  • The Inspection Activity Each month for Each Safety Device.
  • The Dashboards show Pass / Fail Rates for each Safety Device.

Missed Inspections

  • Provides an up to date list of All missed Inspections.
  • The Dashboard shows Location, Inspection Point and Due Date.
  • Results of the Previous Inspection, Pass or Fail.

Locations Overview

Shows the Inspections Completed by Location. This can be for each Inspector in Each Location.

Inspections Corrected On Site

  • How often are issues corrected during an inspection.
  • The Dashboard shows the rate items are corrected.
  • This is shown for each Safety Device or Equipment Type.
  • The Top 10 Questions on Forms that are Corrected On Site.
  • Corrected on site gives managers data on problems to be addressed.

Building Inspection Dashboards

Other Reports and Dashboards can be built. Manage all your inspections.

EH&S Inspections

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire Door Inspections

Process Safety Inspections

Workplace Safety Inspections.

Any type of Safety Inspection that uses a checklist to collect safety data.

Report Builder within IMEC’s Workplace Inspection Software?


IMEC’s Inspection Report Builder is designed to meet customers reporting needs.  The Inspection Report Builder allows customers to generate their own custom reports. Inspection Reports can be summary or detail format. Reports can easily emailed to managers.

Detail Inspection Reports

The detail reports show the completed forms or checklists. This is for each completed Inspection. The report can be for any type of safety or EH&S Inspection. These reports help if an auditor needs proof of an inspection.

Summary Inspection Reports

There are summary Inspection Reports also. Summary Reports can be for any tye of safety inspection. Reports show all completed inspections within a date range. There are other filter options. Options such as Type of Inspection, Building or Area. The Inspection summary report also shows unit, result, comment.

The Inspection Summary Report is very powerful. The report lists completed inspections. Summary Reports have header sections that are completely tailor-able.   Inspection Reports can also be emailed after each inspection.

Why Use Safety Inspection Software ?

Safety inspection software is used by safety managers, safety officers,  and other workers to conduct safety audits, safety inspections, hazard reporting, safety observations and report on corrective actions. Using safety inspection apps gives large time savings by streamlining the collection of data and eliminating paperwork. Easy to use safety inspection apps promote employee engagement in safety.

Users of Safety Inspection Software Mobile Apps see very large gains in productivity and efficiency. Customers can complete safety inspections in a fraction of the time taken to record inspections manually. A safety checklist software solution will complete inspections in 20% of the time taken to do it manually.

Safety Inspection Software helps customers meet regulatory requirements. It will identify areas where safety can be improved. Reducing risk and making buildings safer for workers and visitors.