Health and Safety - Inspections and Audits

Forms, Data Collection

Build Health and Safety Audit Forms to ensure audits and inspections are completed in a consistent & controlled manner. Distribute Forms automatically to sites, locations and users. Build your own forms with custom responses, determine what is a pass or fail and build logic into your forms. Display Images as part of a form to guide an inspector. Capture Comments, Photos, Barcodes, Audio Clips, Text, Numeric Inputs, and GPS Locations during an inspection. QR codes / Barcodes can be used to identify an inspection point and to start an inspection, reducing data input and leading to faster inspections. A wide range of QR Codes / Barcodes are supported as standard.

Audit Trail

Digitize your inspection processes, with a full online history of all inspections and results. Generate valuable inspection history that can be used to generate dashboards with metrics that will allow you to improve workplace safety. Track leading indicators.

Improve Compliance

Be Alerted to missed or overdue inspections to improve compliance. Manage inspections and identify areas of non-conformance. Cut down on administrative work, use inspection dashboards to identify issues and make meaningful decisions. Monitor progress of actions to eliminate non-compliance.

Streamline Inspection Management

Central repository for all Inspection Forms and Checklists. Easily add new forms and distribute to the appropriate locations/sites. Schedule inspections, reallocate inspections based on the available resources. Generate corrective actions as part of an inspection or observation, allocate to the appropriate persons with deadlines and escalation paths.
Safety Inspection Software
Custom Step Responses
Capture & Annotate Photos
Generate Corrective Actions
Comments & Observations
Conditional Logic
Record Audio Clips
Capture GPS Coordinates
Capture QR Codes / Barcodes

Online or Offline

The IMEC Safety Inspection App can operate with or without connection to the internet. All data is stored securely on the device and the safety inspection results, images, audio clips, signatures etc. are uploaded to the cloud once an internet connection becomes available.

Smart Phones & Tablets - iOS, Android & Windows

The IMEC Safety Inspection App can be used with any Smart Phone or Tablet. The IMEC Safety Inspection App is supported on iOS, Android and Windows devices and can be used with specialist rugged devices and devices designed for use in explosive areas, areas that require iSafe, intrinsically safe devices.


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