Lockout Tagout Software

Upload Existing Procedures

Options to upload existing procedure documents, specifying the next audit due date. Get Email Alerts when Audits fall due.

Audit Procedures

Get Email Alerts when Lockout Tagout Procedures are due for Audit. Record Audits on the Web or Mobile App, with comments and images.

Printing Procedures

Procedures can be printed and the placed at the Machine, Printed Procedures show all equipment images, each isolation point and each of the steps within the procedure.

Create / Clone Procedures

Use the Web or Mobile App to Create / Clone Lockout Tagout procedures, with an image for each Isolation Point.


Dashboards and Reports show Procedures Due for Audit, Track Procedure Revision and Audit History with multiple Search Filters.Track Machine Downtime.

Mobile App

Use the Mobile App to execute Lockout Tagout procedures for a machine. The App works on iOS, Android and Windows 10 devices. Tablets are an excellent device and form factor for using the App.

Execute Procedures

Execute LOTO procedures on the Mobile App, with image, source and action. The user can verifiy each step on the Mobile App as it is performed.

Compliance EMail Alerts

Get compliance Email Alerts for any LOTO procedures that are due to be Audited. Alerts can be for an equipment category, area, location, facility.


Integration with other systems such as Maintenance Management or Asset Management Systems can be provided using an Open API. Single Sign On(SSO) is also available if required.
LOTO Procedure Image



The Lockout Tagout Software Solution is integrated with the IMEC Inspection Software, so machines can be scheduled for Inspection and Inspections can be performed on a Mobile App. Inspection results are available on the Web App for Analysis with Corrective Actions generated for failed Inspections.

Machine Downtime Analysis

As Machines are Locked Out for Maintenance, Cleaning or Repair the system will record the start date and time and the end date and time for the lock and unlock of the machine. This data is then used to give Machine Downtime Analysis Dashboards that give managers an insight into machine failure rates and performance.


Templates can be created within the system for each type of hazardous energy source, these templates specify the standard lock, unlock and test processes to be performed for each hazardous energy source. Templates reduce data entry and provide users with a fast method of creating lockout tagout procedures on a Mobile Device or Tablet.

Multiple Procedures for Machines

Multiple Lockout Tagout procedures can be created for a single piece of equipment. These procedures can then be used by technicians when carrying out various tasks, typical examples of where multiple procedures are used would be Full Shutdown, Monthly Maintenance, End of Shift Cleaning or Repair.

Lockout Tagout Software  Additional Features

Mobile Lockout Tagout Software App.

  • Create LOTO Procedures using the Mobile App. Specify each isolation point. Manage hazardous energy sources with images captured using the Mobile Lockout Tagout App.
  • Perform Audits or each LOTO Procedure to meet regulatory requirements. Use the Mobile App to perform Lock Out Tag Out Procedure reviews. Fast and efficient review at the machine. Record Findings and any updates needed to each isolation point or LOTO procedure step.
  • Procedures can be executed on the Mobile Lock out Tag out App. The App runs on Apple, Android or Windows 10 devices. Customers can use Rugged, Android Devices if they wish.
  • One Lock Out Tag Out App that performs any type of Lock Out Tag Out Procedure. Users can easily and efficiently execute lockout procedures. The status of a machine is available immediately to managers.
  • The Mobile LOTO App is downloaded from any of the App Stores.   The Mobile LOTO App allows lockout tagout procedures to be reviewed at each machine. Corrective Actions can be created if the procedure needs to be changed in anyway.

Lockout Tagout Procedures

  • There is no limit to the number of lockout tagout procedures that can be managed, using  the IMEC’s Lockout Tagout Software Solutions.
  • Upload existing LOTO procedure documents to the IMEC Lockout Tagout Software Portal. Manage those LOTO documents using the Mobile Lockout Tagout App.

Lockout Tagout Equipment

  • Inquiries show with equipment is locked out and safe to work on with isolation status.
  • Unlimited Equipment or Machine Types. Divide your equipment in logical groups. Machine Types give an easy way of adding New Machine Types, for example Shredders, Balers etc.

Other Features

  • There is Nothing to Install. All customer data is stored in a Secure Cloud Service (Tier 4). Get the App from the Stores to Windows, Apple or Android devices.
  • The Lockout Tagout Software  offered by IMEC can operate in any industry. The Software is integrated with the IMEC Safety and Compliance Inspection Software. Users can perform inspections of machines using a Mobile App. Results are stored in the Cloud. Any failed Inspections can create Corrective Actions for follow up. Results of these equipment inspections can be analyzed used the built in Dashboards and Reports.
  • Be audit ready. Complete History of All Lockout Tagout Procedures executed are stored in the system.
  • Email Features within IMEC’s Lockout Tagout Software  will send alerts of Reports and Dashboards to managers. The result being that they know when a procedure is due for review.
  • IMEC’s Lockout Tagout software is used by maintenance staff when performing maintenance on a machine or equipment. Energy Isolation devices and lockout tags are used to protect workers from the release of hazardous stored energy.
  • Visual Lockout Tagout Procedures showing the step by step procedure to be used to lockout and unlock each machine are printed by IMEC Lockout Tagout software solution and placed at each machine to protect workers and reduce injuries

How Lockout Tagout Software Solutions can Help with Investment Planning ?

Implementing IMEC’s Lockout Tagout Software will benefit your business. The software provide analysis on the number of times a machine is not in production. IMEC’s Lock Out Tag Out Software Solutions provide managers with a suite of features. It gives them the information they need to help them make decisions. Manage the replacement equipment procvess. The information that is available includes:

  • Number of times a piece of equipment is down.
  • The duration of downtime.
  • By Date
  • By Location or Facility

This information is provided in reports and dashboards and can be filtered many different ways.

Lockout Tagout Software – Payback

Lockout tagout software has a great payback potential. The system saves time. Downtime is reduced. Worker safety improves. These applications can greatly reduce the amount of time planning and performing safety activities. Thereby reducing the overall time to complete maintenance work. In some cases , a payback can be achieved in a single overhaul or outage.

  • Data migration costs need to be considered if moving from another system.
  • Implementation time scales need to be managed. Experienced lockout tagout software solutions providers can help with this. Install and setup time needs to be worked out.
  • Other costs will be internal. Costs of staffing a project. Managing the lockout tagout software project.

Lockout Tagout Software – Some Common Benefits

The Business benefits of lockout tagout software are wide ranging and automating this important process are many, they include:

  • Cutting down on Human errors, Errors can easily slip in, whether it be an incorrect tag position or an incorrect step sequence.
  • Faster and safety planning and working more efficiently.
  • Cut down on equipment downtime
  • Ability of lockout tagout software to link in with other systems, like maintenance systems saves time and cuts down on work duplication.
  • An Easy to use Mobile App for Procedure Execution and Review
  • Email Alerts to let managers know when a procedure is due for review cuts down on the work needed to manage this important task, saving time and aiding compliance.
  • Electronic sign off of lockout tagout procedures when they are created and reviewed and the recording of who, when and where the sign off took place.
  • Tracking any lockout tagout procedure changes that are needed and making sure that these are done in a timely fashion.

Lockout Tagout Software – What Industries Implement this Software ?

The types of industries that use IMEC’s Lockout Tagout Software are diverse, they include companies who are looking to manage thousands of machines and procedures down to companies who may just have a couple of hundred procedures. The IMEC Lock Out Tag Out Software can be used in any organization. In summary any organization that are seeking to manage the OSHA compliance for Lock Out Tag Out. These include:

Lock Out Tag Out Procedure Checklist

To maintain compliance with OSHA lockout tagout standard 1910.147, there is a requirement to perform annual inspections of both the procedures and employee competency in Lockout Tagout practices. Annual audits are a very important part of a Lockout Tagout Program because these audits can reveal any inconsistencies and or problems that exist.

When it comes to annual audits, this Lock Out Tag Out Procedure Checklist can be use as a guide as it covers the main steps to complete. The steps are:

  • Lockout Tagout Procedure Audit
  • Authorized employee compliance review
  • Address any deficiencies found in people, procedures, and processes
  • Address any deficiencies found in processes
  • Address any deficiencies found in procedures

If you follow these key components of this lock out tag out procedure checklist then your lock Out Tag Out Program will remain up-to-date and compliant.