Cradle to Grave Waste Management

IMEC's Hazardous Waste Management Software is a Cloud-based solution that will track and manage all movements of waste from point of generation through to disposal and will generate the necessary documentation required when shipping & disposing of waste. Using the HazMat T&T Mobile App (Android, iOS & Windows), operators can easily record hazardous waste transactions in real-time in the field, so your waste inventory information is always up to date & accurate. The HazMat T&T Mobile App can work offline, so operators can work in an area of limited or no network coverage and synchronize data when a network is available.
Track & Manage Hazardous Waste
Cloud Based – Nothing to Install
Mobile App Works Offline
Compliance Dates
Waste Profile

Waste Profiles

The Waste Master holds the definition for each Waste Profile that is to be tracked & managed within the system. Waste Profiles describe the waste and its properties, and this information is used throughout the system when making determinations about compatibility, disposal recovery methods and more. The Waste Profile contains information such as Waste Description, Proper Shipping Name, DOT Transport information, UN Number(s), Hazard Classes, EWC Codes.

Waste Labels

IMEC Waste Management can print labels with barcodes which are applied to waste containers. These labels allow operators to scan the barcode when performing transactions such as Move, Combine, Add to Shipment etc. using the IMEC Waste Management App - which greatly improves speed and accuracy on waste transactions. Waste labels can also include information such as Waste Description, Hazard Class, Compliance Date, Weight etc.

Shipping / Disposal

Waste can either be disposed on site, shipped for disposal by a third party, or shipped to another site within your organization. Key information entered when shipping waste includes the type of shipment (Hazardous or Non-Hazardous), the transporter, disposer (if applicable) and manifest number. A manifest return can be entered on the system, and this will update the quantities, handling codes and disposal costs associated with the disposal.


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